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My Favorite Links

There are some websites that I have found invaluable in regards to information on coonhunting and hounds.   I find myself checking back to them on a regular basis.  Some are new ones that I have also found quite interesting and have listed as well   Below you will find  a variety of links that are of interest and a good source of information to hound owners and sportsmen.  We will be routinely updating as time allows.  

We hope you find them as helpful to you as they are to us.



  • Dog Registries 
  • UKC  United Kennel Club
  • AKC    American Kennel Club 
  • TWB&FA    Treeing Walker Breeders and Fanciers Assn
  • PKC  Professional Kennel Club or Prohound

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  • Interesting Coonhound and Informational sites
  • Great source of hound information
  • - Link for the great magazines for houndsmen including Full Cry and American Cooner and several others.  Check it out!
  • American Houndsmen  Hard to find Vintage Hound Information
  • Finley River Chief  - Great informational Site on the History of Finley River Chief & decendents
  • Nitro's Coyote Hound and Hunting Adventure
  • Houndpoundn - really neat dog site 
  • - Great  informational quality sporting, hunting and gun dog site
  • Big Game Houndsmen site   Great site for big game hunting with hounds
  • Big Game Houndsmen medical list   Invaluable medical information
  • Diagnostic Dog  An Interactive Symtoms Medical Guide from Dogged Health
  • Pregnancy Whelping Calculator   Handy for Breeders
  • Dogs & Tick Information - Great informational site regarding ticks, tick diseases and our four legged friend.
  • Hunting Fishing Alliance - Great informational & blogging site for hunters of all types of game including hunting with dogs for coon and big game and fisherman of all areas and interests to interact and get information
  • Redwing Hound Haulers - Call Chuck Thomas 509-680-2602 or 509-563-2024 or 208-627-2228 for a great price on hound hauling (as many of you know we do not ship by air so we highly recommend hound haulers.)Read link for positive response from previous customer of Redwing.  We have had positive feedback on the pups delivered by Chuck.
  • Brushy Acres Dog Transportation - Bill Calaway   740-667-6790 or cell 740-818-7229
  • Buckeye Hound Hauling - Call or email for more information. 740-236-0578

Chuck Thomas with Redwing and Devin Bieber and Kenny Liddiard of Iowa receiving their pup from us. summer 2013

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       Legislations affecting dog owners and links to write your government representatives

        US Sportsmen Legislations   Legislation directly affecting dog owners and hunters/trappers


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