Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Pups~~Past and Present

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This is a beautiful example of our young hounds. This young pup out of Lone Pine Wild Annie x Lone PIne Nantan Lupan is really nailing the tree at 6 months old. He ran the track and treed. This pup is heading to Vermont to run bears with Stephen Dix.


A fabulous looking Jody x Goliath "Cujo" cross, shown here at 1 year and a half she is a beautifully conformed hound who is not only a grand show champion but she has 2 wins towards night champion which was done in two consecutive hunts. She is definately making her mark in the woods with a big bawl mouth and excellent tracking abilities. This was an exceptional cross and this nice dog is a fine example of our old time lone pine hounds. Also see her in Night Hunt Pictures. Congratulations Josie & Billy!


Two Fabulous 2010 Crosses. Lone Pine Finley River Lil is out of Gooseneck Anne x Gooseneck Willis, really old old blood Lone Pine Finley River. These two pups look enough alike to be littermate, but they are not. Big Blocky heads and great conformation. Lil is 7 months old and has been following drags and nailing a coon in a cage for only 2 months. Odin is fast following in her footsteps at 5 months old out of Lone Pine Judy x Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules. An absolutely gorgeous 5 month old male, this is his 2nd time on a caged coon. We feel this is a fine example of our old time lone pine finley river breeding.


Charlie, owned by Mike Vogel is a beautiful example of our old line breeding in our lone pine finley river hounds. He is doing real well according to Mike, does a real number on a caged coon and tracking a drag and barking at the tree. 3/18/10 got an email from Mike - Charlie did a terrific job on his first coon chase, caught him on the ground right before he could get up a tree. Charlie is just over a year old out of Lone Pine Katie 2 and Cujo.


Steve with a couple of Lone Pine Finley River Francis x Sharp Tooth Goliath (Cujo)'s pups born 11/08. Shown are Bear, Vicky and Mia


CH Lone Pine Bruiser (a beautiful cross out of Sharp Tooth Kennels Clementine and GRCH STK Lone Pine Finly River Jenks) Shown at Autumn Oaks Kids Bench Show 2018 by Chrissy Mummert (also shown Brad Stottlemyer)Believe it or not Bruiser is less than 1 year old in this pic!!!