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Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Finley River pup owners talk here.  You can see our pups at work, at play and what their owners say about them..

These two beautiful male hounds; owned by Curtis Shelton of Indiana; are some of our 09 pups. Rhino,the older one at 8 months of age (a Anne x Tucker cross) is treeing on the coon while Diesel; an almost 6 month old pup out of Baby x Bo barks a little off the tree. Both will follow a drag and tree as you see here and Rhino is about ready for the woods. Curtis is really excited with his pups and has been back hunting with us and the parents of Diesel (Baby & Bo) in PA. These two pups are doing amazing well for their age and I think Indiana coons will be soon putting the word out on these two dogs as they mature! Be sure you read Curtis 1/23 testimonial of Rhino's first hunt on the front page of Sharp Tooth Kennels!  The coons treed are shown below.    On Tuesday night  11/9 Rhino racked up 3 coons.   Impressive!    The last I talked to Curtis, they had racked up 36 coons before Christmas.  


A Good night of hunting for Rhino and Clementine.  This was taken on the first night of Indiana kill season.   11/8/10 - This was a great season for Rhino and Clementine.  They came in with a total of about 70 coons for the season.

A NEW SEASON!  11/13/11 - A great start for a new season.  Rhino has come a long way and is doing a marvellous job of tracking and treeing coons as a 2 year old.  Diesel is also starting to really take off and is doing well starting this new season.  We sent out 1 yr old Lil to hunt with Rhino and as of this date their count is 17 coons for one week of hunting (and one day it was too nasty to hunt!).  I am happy to say that Lil helped to contribute 5 of those 17 with Rhino!  We'll keep a running tally going for Curtis and his wonderful hounds!

11/16/11 - Count is up to 21 coons with 7 days of hunting most of them ending in early nights!  Great Job!...keep them coming!



Rhino is owned by Curtis Shelton in Indiana.  He is a  Anne x Tucker cross.  Diesel is a Baby x Bo (Wing Dinger) cross and is also two years old.   Lil is being hunted by Curtis for us.  She is a Anne x Willis cross and is 1 but will be 2 in January 2012.

 Curtis also purchased another nice male out of Annie x Nantan, born 3/2010  His name is  Gator.  2/26/11 got this email from Curtis on Gator.  I was just out feeding the dogs and they were just out running and playing when Gator the 11 month old took off down the front yard and across the road then was going up and down the side ditches then darted back up the front yard and started hammering a big tree in our front yard. then Rhino joined in with him. So I looked all around and sure enough there was a big ol boar coon laying up in one of the forks of the tree!!!!and so I put the other dogs up and let Gator have him and he gave him hell and went straight for the coons throat and shook him to death. He looked like an old pro!!!!!! 


Got a great letter from John Sergi from Myakka City FL Aug 2016

To Lavena and Steve
Hey, Sorry it took so long to write.  But I have been coonhunting.  Thank you for Buddy. Best Hound I ever had. He is 2 years old now and I really did not have to do much. He was on it.  He hates a coon and he trees hard.  Good mouth on a truck.  Very happy with him.  Great with other hounds and by himself.  Don't have much more to day.  Buddy does it for me.  All I can say is this.  Fella hunters, you want a hound, then Sharp Tooth Kennels is the place to get one.   Thank you again but its time to go tree a coon.
Thank you.  John Sergi.
I have since received more calls from John.  John has been buddy hunting Buddy in FL and has won over $1500 in "gentleman hunts".   He is currently getting his UKC and PKC paperwork and going to do some serious hunting.  From what I understand he is getting to be quite the hound in Florida.   Good Luck John & Buddy. Have fun and keep us updated!
Doug Cormier of Nova Scotia and his beautiful male, Copper, out of a 2012 Katie2 x Hercules Cross.  Copper is becoming a cat hound for Doug and is doing quite well.  Please see pics below.  Doug send some absolutely wonderful pictures of Copper in various stages of hunting.  I couldn't decide which I like the best so I incorporated all around the one of Copper treeing on a cat.
Here is  Copper, owned by Doug Cormier of Nova Scotia all grown up and shown here with his first cat and his second cat. As you can tell in this picture, Copper has grown up right!   What a beautiful hound.   
In the second picture Copper is on the left, Alfie in the center and his dog Jack (on the right) who is 9 years old. Jack is also of finley river breeding.  Copper has become quite a hound, exemplifying his great lone pine finley river heritage!  Congratulations Doug, you have a real nice hound!  Keep us posted of his progress.
See below Hoss (a Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Katie2 x GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules cross, owned by Tyler Peasley of Washington State.   Tyler had previously sent testimonials on Hoss on  Bear which can be found on our Bear Hunt with Sharp Tooth Pups page.   Hoss is a littermate brother to Copper above.
Update on Hoss: Very pleased. He caught his first solo bobcat a couple days ago. Just three days after a lion got ahold of him. The first picture shows a little hole from the lion. He's relentless on the game I've put him on! Thank you
Tyler Peasley, WA

 Meet Steve Streletz and his new Lone Pine Finley River pup Champ.  Champ is out of Lone Pine Francis and NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger HTX "Bo".  I took the liberty to combine two pics into one as I couldn't decide which pic I liked the best of this gorgeous pup.  Steve is shown in the big picture with his pup.  We got this email from his dad, Pete who emailed us the following about Steve and Champ.  Steve got a 6 month old walker pup for his B day and we have been training it and is going very well. He is trailing and treeing a coon in a roll cage and just yesterday we shot one down for him and he was very aggressive. We picked him up at sharp tooth kennels a breeder of the lone pine/finley river line of walkers. So get ready to stay up next season we are commin for your coon!
Update  from dad, Pete:  I let a coon go for him last night and it went about 1000 yards and he tracked it quick as usual. When he got to the tree he just looked up and I guess when he got frustrated that we hadn't come he barked. In the end we got to him and shot it to him. I think he is doing very well and we really like him. He tracks great and barks the whole way.

Update 7/10/11  Pete sent us the following update of Lone Pine Finley River Champ

2/3/12 - Newest update on Steve and Champ!   His dad Pete writes:

Well Lone Pine/Finley River Champ Is still at it we are a little short on coon for some reason but we are managing to run some down aney ways. Here is a picture of champ with his first self ran coon an of course his owner steve. Since then he has had at least 5 more on his own. He is still trying to figure our that these SOB's lie and what looks like what happend didn't. But it is great to see him try and figure what is goin on. Last night we took him out on an island in the deleware in a boat and he had a good run were the coon ran to the end of a tree over the water once then jumped in swam back to the bank then another tree and jumped into the water and swam to an adjacent island. Champ was way up the tree just pissed; but O well, can't win em all. All in All we love the little SOB.

  We have been working champ in between our turtle trappin season. Yesterday he lost his first box trapped coon. It went into a thicket and he tryed to work it out but lost it and couldn't figure out what to do. We love the little SOB and he is doing great here is a picture of a coon we let go and about 20 minutes later {THE BLACK JET} started to run him and caught up to him on the ground a big fight started. 

After a little while (and a couple of shorts) Champ had his prize. He did run and get one or 2 after that. 

 Sorry folks, the pic doesn't open anymore  

Here is a picture of Champ in the mud pitt with a 24 lb coon!  Good job Champ!  Looks like you have quite a pup!


Steve Streletz had a great year, not only does he have a really nice young pup coming along,

but take a look at the bear he got in NJ this year - 2011 - 5 yrs old and weighing in at 425  lb on the hoof!


Pictures of a beautiful hound owned by Kenny Liddiard and his nephew Devin Bieber of Iowa.  

This pup is a 4/30/2013 Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Finley River Lil x NITECH Lone Pine Bear cross.

  3/6/14 he is currently 10 months old.  He is maturing beautifully...almost the spitting image of

 his dad, Lone Pine Bear in this pic.


Dear Lavena; it's been awhile since I've talked to you. just wanted to send you a few pics of the pup we got from your kennel last summer. He's gotten to be a big dog in a short time. He was in on over 100 coon this season and early this winter treed his first coon on his own. He is all hound with a very loud voice. So far he only barks at the tree, and is silent on the track. We will have to wait and see what happens as he gets older. Other than being a pest to our old hound he is a nice dog. He loves to hunt and never gets tired. He is not cross with other dogs, eats like a horse, still would like our old dog to play with him sometimes, but that's just the little bit of pup he still has left in him. My nephew is the one holding him in the photos, and he couldn't be prouder of his first hound. the pup is the dog with the red collar in the photos, and the black back. just wanted to say thanks for a great hound and it was pleasure doing business with your kennel. Every thing was very easy and laid back, from picking a dog to payment and delivery. I would recommend your kennel to any true hound enthusiast. Thanks again your coonhunting friends in Iowa.    Kenny Liddiard   and   Devin Bieber
(Pup on right)
(Pup on the right)   Liddiard/Bieber pup in Iowa
Meet Ivy, (below) a great pup owned by Donovan Traggai of PA.  Ivy is out of GRNITECH GRCH Banjo's Stylish Babe x GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules
Its Donovan from Butler, PA. As of about Christmas Ivy is up 86 coon for the season. She still has a slick tree or trouble with a track now & then and occasionally gets tired and needs a night off but we are having a lot of fun. She is a year and 10 months old. Not sure how she stacks up against the other dogs from her litter but im pleased with her progress. I included a few pics of her treeing and one of most of this seasons coon.Thanks again

Happy hunting



Well Donovan I think that's real impressive for a pup under 2 years of age and has only been trained by herself, no other dog leading the way. Pretty darn impressive for a young dog. Keep up the great work Donovan!

Here are a couple more pics of Ivy on the tree.  Update as of 1/30/15 - up to 90.  Amazing work for a pup that young! 


Take a gander at Lizy, a beautiful female pup out of Lonepine Francis x Sharp Tooth Goliath (Cujo), both heavily bred Finley River Lone Pine hounds.  Their proud owners, Gary and Deanne drove around 5500 miles round trip to get three of our pups.  See what they say about these pups.  "Lizy wants to hunt all the time.  At 5-1/2 months of age - The girls have already been working great they have a lot to learn but they did pick up a track on a cat that was 2 days old and followed it up behind the house for about 300 yards.  We were so excited!!!!"  That's the Finley River blood in them!    10/09  - Gary just drove out again for more pups for the "pack".   They were so impressed with Lizy, Tiva (sorry if I killed the name) and Chunk, their natural ablities and willingness to learn they they wanted more!   "The Girls" and Jenks have started to run cat and bear.   Now remember this first batch of pups ranges in age from 9 months to not quite a year yet.  They have been treeing coons for a while now.  We look forward to updated pictures soon!

This is Chunk, a Annie x Ricky (out of Lone Pine Kate) cross.  He was just born in mid July of this year (2009)   He was the only survivor out of his litter but from very early on he seemed quite special.  He wasn't interested in "playing" like other pups.  He was like a grown up dog in a puppy body.  Read of his escapades with Jenks on the lower right frame.  Now remember, this pup is just over 3 months old.   He is going to be quite the hound and I think you will be reading a lot more about this Lone Pine Finley River bred Hound. 





This is Jenks a beautiful Lone Pine Finley River male out of Chyna x Raven who is now residing at a beautiful ranch in the rugged northwest region of the US. Above you see Jenks with his first big cat.  The story is listed below.  In the inset you get a front view of   Jenks at about 9 months old . He is a fast becoming a  "big cat" dog.   He was showing incredible promise at just 4 months of age. 


 His owner's Deanne and Gary love their Lone Pine Finley River pups.  This is what they have written.   THEY ARE SOME OF THE SMARTEST dogs with great noses and big loud bawls that can be heard quite easily when they are on the hunt." And from a previous email. "He (Jenks) doesn't know quit and he has an attitude that won't quit which is great he will need that hunting. His latest escapade includes a 3 months old pup "Chunk" that Gary drove across the country and picked up just a couple of weeks ago.   Read some excepts of a recent email.   I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that today we got a call first thing, a friend had shot a cat last night and could not track him down so he wanted us to help.  We loaded up Jenks, Chunk, and his unregistered female Lucy and we headed up to the last place they had tracked him.  As it turned out Chunk struck the track!!!  Jenks headed out and we turned Lucy loose.  The trees were so thick it was like walking thru brush, Gary following Lucy with Jenks and Chunk and Lucy running balls to the wall ~  he (the cat) was injured and he ran circles.  I just put my head down and tried to get thru the thickets and get a picture but I am still injured and they would cross in front of me about three to five feet; then the cat, then Lucy 5 seconds behind him, then I was turning and going the opposite direction to try and get in front again, but with no luck.  I kept hearing Lucy like she had him treed, but he (the cat) couldn't go up a tree, he would be under the thickets and Lucy would half circle him and he would dart out again.  She finally got him out on a fallen log across the crick when he came barreling at her and wadded her up in a ball and began striking out at her and Gary yelled and he ran with her hot on his trail.  We called it off at that point we didn't want any dogs hurt.  As we were walking back to the truck Jenks and Chunk struck the track and Chunk is so little that the fallen trees were hindering him and he would whimper until we went and helped him over, as they went after the cat again we called and called for about 15 minutes and Jenks came back with out Chunk.  Then we found Chunk stuck behind a log he couldn't get over, but we were proud of them as they kept their noses to the ground and they followed the track. they will get the running down soon I am sure, but they found the track and stayed with it, they kept coming back to Gary to check in but they knew we were on the chase of that smell and they worked the track excellent!  If he (the cat) hadn't been injured he would have treed within the first 10 minutes after Chunk struck the track.   Chunk is exhausted right now but I wanted to let you know how well he did on his first cat chase.  Both he and Jenks on their first cat chase. 

9/10 - Hi I wanted to share Jenk's first kitty hunt of the year.  We received a call from a friend.   A cat (big bad kitty  as in mountain lion), about 1 year old was after his horses.  A person shot twice at the kitty and it went down the canal.  We got the call two hours after all this happens.  We finished a morning hunt and came home and loaded up Gary's old bitch and Jenks then headed to town.We arrived four hours after the cat had been there, but decided to let Jenks try to work the track.  He did work the track, it was very faint and the wind was blowing 25 miles an hour to the north, we talked and walked around this old willow tree and Jenks went in a circle then headed to a limb that was half down and came across scat.  He never left the area just kept working around .  First rule is look up, I did and well there lay a kitty just 6' up on the limb sleeping, me just 3' away and I just said well there it is.    The rest is history now and I was very proud of how Jenks worked an old track in the dry dirt with very little scent.   Just a note, Jenks is now about 18 months old, born in January 2009 out of Sharp Tooth’s Poison’s Chyna and Lone Pine Raven and doing amazingly well for a young dog.



Check out Robert Taylor's 9 month old Pups below!

Pine View Dan and Pine View Frankie out of STK Lone Pine Finley River Loretta x Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Anubis, only 9 months old and treeing their own cats!  

1/2014 - Another shot of two 9 month old pups!that Robert Taylor from New York State purchased out of Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Finley River Loretta x Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Anubis


Above, says Robert, Dan is treed all alone... his first coon alone

Dan is in the foreground (red head) and Frankie is the black headed pup right at the base of the tree of this cat. (different cat than shown previously)

Says Robert "I'm am very happy with them thank you both"Looks like you have a great set of hounds Robert!


I decided to check out your website today and I noticed you just did an update from the McClains and when I noticed the litter info, I seen that it was my pups (Hammer) sister. He was out of Lone Pine Lil Francis and Buck 2. He was the only one that didn't have the full saddle markings. He's a little on the small side probably a touch under 70 lbs (looks the... same size as McClains female).

I just figured I'd shoot over a couple of pics of my dog Hammer. We bought him to be a house pet but he was just coon crazy from the time I first showed him a caged coon so we figured we had to hunt him. I don't compete with him, but he is a very fast hunter and trees in short order. I've thought about entering him in a hunt but he seems to do much better on his own. (I noticed McClains hunted their pup solo too, hammer does it all on his own too) He would do great at one of those hunt tests where he's by himself. Cut him loose, he will open by chopping on the trail and starts to bawl hard once hes treed.

Either way, I just wanted to share that with you to let you know that you did have another pup out of that litter that is still doing great and is a good hunter.

Steve Lavsa

 Steve Lavsa's Hammer (pup out of Lil Francis x Buck2)

Another great testimonial

PIE, AKA Lone Pine Skull N Bones makes GRAND NITE CH

PIE" -Finished his GRAND NIGHT CHAMPION Saturday Night and now becomes - The ONE and ONLY "THE FIRST"
Lone Pine Skull N Bones vom STK CGCA TDI
THANK YOU to the BEST friends and Breeders that made this possible - Steve Lavena Jenkins /Sharp Tooth Kennel Angel Caraccia Leah Ann RamseyRod BolsterLindsey Harris Wedemeyer - WE DID IT!!!!! PIE and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

(AKC Grand Champion - UKC Grand Bench - Grand Field - Grand Night - HTX - International Champion - Intercontinental Champion - CGCA - TDI - AKC Multiple Group Placing - )



"PIE" is the first in history to be a AKC GRAND, UKC BENCH GRAND, UKC GRAND NITE CH, UKC GRAND FIELD CH, He is also a CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION.   Congratulations!  Vicky, Leah and Roy for this fabulous accomplishment!



This is a beautiful pup out of 2008 Francix x Bolt cross.   Her name is Daisy and she is owned by Josh Kreitz of PA.   Daisy is now a little over 2 years old  At 16 months old this is what Josh had to say.  Daisy is a nice big female, looks an awfully lot like her mother Lone Pine Francis.   This is what Josh has to say about her.  " I think for a 16 month old dog that is running and treeing and fighting a coon is fabulous.  She is super fast on track and is hard hunting out of the box.".    And that says an awful lot that's for sure!   Pretty notable for a young dog. 

Update 1/3/12  from Josh - I wanted to let you know we started hunting hard again and Daisy is treeing like a champ.  Last 2 times out she has treed very hard and even when we get there she continues to tree.  She has been tracking very well and it seems that her treeing is picking up to.  I think she has become a complete coon hound.  We look to see a lot more of this pretty Lone Pine hound!


Here is a testimonial of another pup owner that has a pup out of 
Lone Pine Lil Francis x Lone Pine Buck 2. 
 Ralph and Jody McClain of PA have this beautiful pup named Daisy. 
Here is their Son with Daisy.
Here is the email I received from them "This is the McClains. 
We have the one female called Daisy out of Lil Francis x Buck 2. 
The reason for this E-Mail is to just let you guys know Daisy treed 
her first coon on Thursday night 10-2-14 totally on her own. 
We are very proud of her. This is at the age of 8 1/2 months old.
Daisy has never been worked with another dog, we have always worked her 
on her own.
 I'm not saying she is a full blown coon dog, but I'd say it's a good start. 
Daisy is 8-1/2 months old and has just treed her own coon. 
Kudos to you for doing a great job! 
 UPDATE on Daisy

Hi Lavena     

This is the McClains. Well Daisy has turned a year old this

week and we figured we would give ya an up date and send

ya a couple pictures.   The picture shows Daisy with some

of her findings along with our sons Alex and Jesse. Daisy

is out of the litter of Lil Frances and Buck 2 since treeing

her first coon at the age of 8 1/2 months old she has treed

between 20 to 25 coon that we have seen on tree as of turning

a year old this week. And she has done all on her own  she is

a very independant dog and does not want to help another

dog and dont want any help from any either.We are very

proud of her not just being a good hunting dog but also

being a good pet here around the house  she is very

involved in our everyday life. So we are very happy with her. 

I do have to say this dog has been so easy to train for

treeing coon its like its just automatic.  I dont think it was

me, I believe she could of been a good coon dog for anyone.

And I would have to say I would recomend to anyone looking

for a dog or pup to try your breeds.  So we would like to 

Thank you and Steve again.

Thanks Ralph and Jodi

Hi Lavena

Update from the McClains received 2/14/16.

Hi Steve and Lavena We were just writing with an update on Daisy She is a female out of Lil Lone Pine Francis and Buck 2 She just turned 2yrs old in January and has grown into a very nice looking , long legged ,70# female Since we have written last she is still doing wonderful She's still consistent and very fast We ve been considering maybe looking into going to a youth hunt with her and my son But we're really not sure of that yet. I do want to say probably 8 out of 10 times we hit the woods with Daisy within 15 to 30 min she has treed if not before and that makes a really good dog to hunt kids with when they need to be back home early because of school the next day So our hunts normally consist of tree 1 and head home. I also want to add to her history Daisy is very much a part of our family's every day life she is around us and visitors of our house everyday I've never seen a hound with as much attitude and personality as her Ya know maybe its from always being trained and hunted alone I have to say we've never had an issue with her running off game either. And with in saying this I would always recommend your kennel and breed to anyone. Thank You The McClains

Update 4/27/17:  Hi Steve and Lavena
This is Ralph McClain.I am E Mailing with an update about Daisy in January she turned 3 years old So at the time of this e mail she is 3years and 3 months old April 24 2017. The reason for e mailing you is to let you know in the last year and 1 monthwe have had Daisy in 9 or 10 night hunts. Probably as you know as a very experienced hunters not all of them has went smoothly. But I feel that its went ok. Daisy has had 2 first place and a second place wins. So which should be enough to earn her a Night Champion title. Which we are pretty proud of especially never having intention when buying her to do anything like this. My son Jesse has done all the handling and calling at the hunts and he has been 15 and 16 years old at the time. And myself I never did anything like this before either. So this was all new to all three of us.And what an experience its been. LOL But a lot of fun too. Just for a refresher Daisys parents are Buck 2
and Lil Lone Pine Francis. Gotta say at these hunts Daisy is a very independent dog. Always gets off to her self andwill never go join in with other dogs on track or tree. Literally watched her come down through the woods one nightclimb up on a tree a dog was treeing on smell around never barked got down and went down through the woods and in about 10 min treed her own coon. Very very independent But at home here She is still our family pet and stillvery involved in our every day life. Ok if I am wrong about her title stuff please straighten it out for me.
Thank You
The McClains

Congratulations Jody!  You are not wrong. Daisy is a Nite Champion!

More on Pocahontas, owned by Zach English


Pocahontas, owned by Zach English is a beautiful 4 year old out of Daisy x Rocket's Chance from our Kennel (owned by Josh Kreitz(Daisy was out of our Lone Pine Francis x Bull's Lone Pine Thunderbolt). She is doing tremendously well.

Here is how Zach put it: Hey guys just wanna give you an update on Pocahontas, been over a year since I've talked to yall. She's won dozens of hunts, plenty of money and treed hundreds of coons in these past 4 years. She'll be 4 in April not to mention she is now a Grnitch Fch Wch Grch. The picture above is where a 14 yr old Cameron Platts handled Poca in the 2016 ACHA state youth hunt and she took the hardware with 400+! We are currently chasing the CHKC elite race with hopes of getting a truck ticket and we plan on attending the CHKC World hunt in Kentucky in march!



 The Best Christmas Ever! 2010

Lilly (a beautiful Judy x Wing Dinger "Bo" cross) was a very pleasant Christmas surprise for Tanner Folk of PA.

His parents were quite inventive at occupying Tanner  while they travelled several hours to the kennel to get this beautiful big pup as a super Christmas surprise for Tanner.  They look like a perfect match.   We will await great pictures and stories from this future coonhunter!  


Lilly has sure grown since you last saw her. She is a wonderful loving dog. She really makes us laugh. We love her very much.
Daryl and Tanner caught this coon tonight and treated Lilly to her first coon experience. Man she wants more! Notice the foaming at her mouth. She really got into it!
My boys were very excited as well.
Happy Dog, Happy Boys.... Priceless!
We received the following from Thomas Coneby 3/30/12 with the above pictures. I have a pup from your July 1,2011 litter .( Goose neck Willis and Allie Gator). His name is Odie, This is his first coon. Great dog.
The coon is easy to see in the big picture but I also had to include one of Odie on the wood!   I also want to point out the this pups is only 8-9 months old.  Keep us posted Thomas!
9/26/13 - Got a call from Thomas!   Odie is doing great!   He is running and treeing coons on his own at night and has become quite a  squirrel dog in the day.  Dual purpose hound!
Thomas is so impressed with him he is getting a pup from our fall litters.   Thanks Thomas! See you soon...Send us some pics of Odie on the wood!
 Tyler Peasley from Washington State has a Katie2 x Hercules cross.   Here is how Hoss is doing as of 10/2016

Hoss, a beautiful Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Katie2 x GRCH SHarp Tooth Kennels Hercules cross running bear in Washington State. Owned by Tyler Peasley. he is the grey silver walker shown. Here is what Tyler says about him. "He's been a phenomenal bear dog for me up here. Would like the chance of buying a female bred similar to run on big game.

Hoss has been amazing from truck to tree for me. I've never had a dog out work him on the box. He's also proven to have a good nose to get the older cat tracks moving. And not to many dogs around here that bay as hard as he does. He likes getting close! Last week he ended a 6 hour bay in the corn fields on three legs with his pack of 4. I love bear bays and love a gritty dog that will stick around to get the job done!" Thanks Tyler

 Hoss is the grey and tan walker in the back