Testimonials & Bragging Rights - Lone Pine Pups/Dogs

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Bragging Rights - STK's Lone Pine Pups

These are quotes and pictures from our pup owners.  Read what they have to say about our Finley River Bred Lone Pine Pups!

12/2012 We received the following from Dave Jenniges from Minnesota.  These pups are a Sharp Tooth Hercules x Sharp Tooth Judy 12/2011 cross and are less than a year old at the time these were taken.  

Thanks again for everything. here are some photos of Red and Bones through training and there first kills over the season they ended up treeing 43 coon and rarely broke off trail for other game. we trained for coon and that's what they hunt very impressed with both of them. the whiter one bones has an awesome nose, even on cold nights when the coon arent really running far from there den he seems to find them. unfortunately we cant get denned up ones so we leave them but we see coon hair most times were there bawling. the two groups of coon in the photos were the first two hunts they ever did. 8 coon 3 locations one night. 10 coon the second hunt and only two locations. i hope this testimony will help others skeptical of trying it is way to easy with great dogs like these David Jenniges

Thanks Dave, please keep us posted of their progress!
Puppy Testimonial from Travis Ryan

A testimonial received from another happy pup customer. Travis Ryan. Another great pup out of Sharp Tooth’s Wild Annie x NITECH Mac’s Ridge Runner Bandit.   Born 4/1/13.Email received from Travis  Aug 1- He is doing good I messed with him more today he starts to eat at the cage now till he busts his lips open  Update 9/12/13 Boomer is still doing awesome he is really starting to shape up and turn into a hound he is just about ready to start hitting the woods and bagging the fur .   Great job Travis.  Keep us posted of his progress!

Other pups from this litter are also doing great.   Roger Kloepping from Illinois  purchased a female pup from this litter.  He got a beautiful female, Reba, out of our Wild Annie x Bandit cross which is currently 3-1/2 months old.   Here is what Roger had to say about his pup at 11 weeks.  "Lavena , I am pumped i caught a coon last nite for 2 older dogs put the coon in the back seat of the car had little Reba in the front seat with me, soon as she smelled it her hair came up she growled & barked at it all the way to turn it loose , then barked at it with the older dogs. she is awesome i bet this will make Steve smile it sure does me. i will keep you posted have a great day i am." Roger, and in another email he states" At her age that is something to brag about, i told you she wasnt afraid of anything haha. Have a great day.   Roger 

Update received 6/14/13 Hi Lavena, Went hunting last nite took Reba along my Frost dog got treed Reba and i walked into the tree Reba began sniffing around on some limbs leaning against the tree and began treeing. She continues to amaze me... have a good day Roger  Thanks Roger...we look forward to hearing more about this beautiful pup.

Bill Bailey got a pup out of Wild Annie x Ridge Runner Bandit who is a littermate to Roger Kloepping's pup.  His female is doing great.  Took out a barked on her own track twice and then finished one with his old dog barking every breath on the tree!  He's thrilled!in MI is doing great!  His pup was born 4/1/13.  Great job folks.  Hope to see some pics soon!


Jagg, a Lone Pine Francis x Lone Pine Wing Dinger 2010 Cross 
owned by Lyle Green & Susan Kenney.   I get lots of emails from folks who have either been around a walker coonhound as a pet, either a friends or from a rescue and they want one of their own.   They make great pets as many folks who have purchased our hounds just as a pet will agree to.  Read about Jagg, and what his owners have to say about him.
Lyle Green and I purchased an 8 week old male puppy from you on Columbus Day, October 11, 2010. We named him Jagg and he is doing very well.
5/13/11 -  Things are going great with our puppy! I thought I would email you some updated pictures of our wonderful puppy Jagg. He's about 50 lbs. and he is very well behaved. He absolutely LOVES being outside and will sit at the door until we let him go out to play. Jagg loved the snow especially at our cabin up north where there was over a foot of snow in march. Here are some pictures of him enjoying the weather. He's getting so big! He loves his kiddie ice cream cones!
Sorry, the pics don't show anymore but will hoping Jagg and Susan & Lyle are doing great!


7/24/12 We purchased Jagg from your kennel almost two years ago. He will be two on August 16. He is such a
wonderful dog. He has personality that makes him a very unique dog. We are so happy that
we bought a walker from your sharptooth kennel. From our area there are not many people
that know about  this breed, however the picture was taken in Myrtle Beach, SC where we
received numerous compliments on how beautiful and well behaved Jagg was on our camping
trip. Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful dog.

Susan Kenney & Lyle Green

Congratulations to  Instructor Lorrie Case and Finn on their FIRST NW3 Title!!!! Every trial this team titles!!!! The future is bright for this team!!! Steve Lavena Jenkins




Sept 24, 2018


Just wanted to give you an update on Finn. Yesterday he competed in his first level 3 nose work competition and he rocked it!  He was such a good boy.  It's only his third full day trial and he worked beautifully and was very clear in his alert.

I also received multiple compliments on how handsome he is.

Next week we try for an obedience leg. He heels like nobody's business but does get distracted.

Just not the same as nose work. Regardless, he always puts his heart into all he does.

Thank you.





Poca's Monster Coon

Pocahontas, owned by Zach English, formerly of MD, now South Carolina.  She is a beautiful female approx 1-1/2 years old out of Lone Pine Daisy and Rocket's Chance owned by Josh Krietz of Fairfield PA, both dogs originally from our kennel.  Daisy is out of our Lone Pine Francis female who was bred to GRCH GRNITECH Lone Pine Thunderbolt.   This HUGE beautiful 31 lb boar coon was treed 11/16/13.  Here is what Zach had to say about "Poca"  "

Another shot of Poca's first monster boar coon! It weighed 31lbs!! And she looked and sounded like a rockstar when she treed that coon! She was huntin by herself too!"  11/16/13

Congratulations Zach!  You have yourself a real coon dog!  Keep us posted!

David Royston in Virginia has 3 beautiful 2012 Sharp Tooth Kennels Male Walker pups he's working on a bear hide.  These pups will run both bear and coon.  Keep us posted David!


1/17/17 - A great pic from Zach Gooch. Zach just purchased a beautiful Ellie Mae x Winger pup from us out of our most current litter. Approx 3 months old treeing on a bear hide. Great Job Zach! - Keep us posted on his progress!


Look at me NOW!   Bull's Lone Pine Jackie.  This little pup is out of the 2009 Lone Pine Francis x GRCH GRNITECH Bull's Lone Pine Thunderbolt. Bull sent us 3 great pics of this pretty gal so we put them together.  Looks like she is one up and coming coon dog!  We have been getting updates on her progress on a regular basis.   Read what Dan Kurdziel has to say about Jackie. 11/10  "here are some pictures from tonights hunt. Jackie has really come into her own and continues to get better and better"


Slim, a beautiful 2 year pup out of Lone Pine Wild Annie x GRCH Sharp Tooth's Hercules.  Owned by Josh Hegna and Haley Blaschko out of MN.  According to Josh this is two days worth of hunting with this fine hound.  He is not only beautiful, he is a real hide hunter too!   Josh also said his biggest coon treed so far is a 44 lb coon. 

 Josh said "He is very accurate and determined dog. The other night I had to climb 30 feet into a tree to get him outa it. He wasn't coming down by himself he wanted that coon!

These young folks drove quite a ways for this pup.  They had been watching him grow via internet almost from birth!  You've done a wonderful job with him Josh.

Update 10/29/14   Per Josh:  "Took slim out twice so far. Four young dogs and a 3 yeT old black n tan.. slim treed all the coon we got. Total of 13. First strike amx tree dog 

2 bawl locate,hard fast chop wen treed.. trail is a chop an he gets chopeir wen hes getting hoter" 

 Good luck with the rest of your hunting this year!  We'll be waiting for more pictures and stories~!!

Josh and his lovely gal Haley and kids and Slim are now living in Alaska and will continueing their adventures there.

Roger Lenhart sent a great pic of his dog Bonnie, out of Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Patty x GRCH Sharp Tooth kennels Hercules.



Congratulations William & Zoe for their win at the 2013 Grand American.  1/4/13 - 18th/10th Registered - PR' Brooks Lonepine Zoe's Meltdown, a Treeing Walker, owned and handled by William Brooks, shown, of Pooler, Georgia, with 300+.  Zoe is a beautiful 4 year old out of Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Cowboy's Jody and Sharp Tooth Kennels Goliath (Cujo).   Great job and keep up the great work!

UPDATE 2016 - Zoe is now a GRNITECH.   Great Job William!

Image may contain: 1 person

8/2016 - Got a phone call from Jim Boardman in Iowa about his male pup out of Katie2 x Hercules.   He calls him "Buster".   He said Buster is doing great!   At 3 months he was barking at a caged coon, at 5 months he's tracking and treeing squirrels on his own.  Looking for really good things out of this pup!  Keep us posted Jim!
Got phone call froms Leroy Brooks of South Carolina with his beautiful walker male,  Rock. Rock is out of NITECH Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Babydoll htx x NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger htx. Rock had a great night last night (10/26/13)in a hard hunting area in South Carolina. First time he's been in the woods since Febuary. Leroy said Rock"Hit the woods full force last night...had the first coon treed in 8 minutes and the second one about 20 minutes later. Did a great job" says Leroy! Go Rock...We look forward to hearing about the rest of the great Sharp Tooth Hounds Leroy has!
Another pic of Pocahantas submitted by Zach English 1/2014
Hi Steve and lavena! I thought you'd like to see this. This is Pocas haul last Friday night FOUR COONS back to back to back to back!!!!, then she showed me 2 in a competition Saturday night, then got 1 Sunday night in a swamp and 2 more Monday night in some hardwoods! She's on FIRE!

3/3/14 Just heard from Zach English about his lovely female pup Pocahontas.

Hi steve and lavena! Just wanted to update you on poca, she made show champion 2 weeks ago and also got her 1st place trophy saturday night! She also has her 1st place field trial aswell so shes been rackin up them points! I think we'll make nitech before the season is over with if she keeps her groove on!

Pocahontas is a beautiful pup out of Lone Pine Rocket's Chance and Lone Pine Daisy. Great job Zach! Keep up the great work!

Keep sending your pics

Thomas Sutphin sent this pic and testimonial


Hi this is Tommy sutphin down in Virginia. Me and my dad bought a male pup from you in February. He is doing great he now weighs 60 pounds. Here is a picture. Could you send us a picture of the mother and father so we know what they look like because it was ice on the mountain when we came to get the pup. “Hi Tommy. He is a great looking hound out of Ellie Mae and Hercules. Glad to hear he is doing good. Pictures sent!”

He is out of that litter. Thank you so much. And can't wait until fall to try him out his tracking and killing skills are on spot he is also good at treeing but needs touch up work but he is doing great for six months old.

12/2016 - Here is a email received from Tommy Sutphin in VA about Preacher!

Trees last night doing great.


Another nice pic received from Tommy with Preacher 5/5/17.

He is not a year and a half old yet and looks like he is becoming a real nice hound!

 Nice job Tommy!  Keep us posted on his progress!!!!


Now for a great testimonial from Alvin Volmer

Shown below is Ike, a 11 month old Pup out of Ellie Mae x Hercules

Hello Steve and Lavena. Just wanted to let you know my pup Ike who is almost 11 months old was in on a bobcat race today. He did a good job on track and tree. There is a lot of pup in him around the house but when he gets a nose full of something that he wants he really gets to work in the woods. He is out of Hercules and Ellie May 12/24/15. I have owned a few hounds but only one that was truly good. This pup fro you is going to be a good one. He has charactger, drive and a willingness to please. I will try to send some pictures. Thanks Alvin Vollmer 


News on Ike - 7/17

Ike Striking off the truck -As you can see he is a good looking hound! - Alvin

Ike on the Tree



This is Mack, a beautiful pup out of STK's Lone Pine Vicky x Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules.  This gorgeous big pup is 5 months old, and has seen a coon twice.  He is in Georgia and his owner is William Brooks.   This is Mack on his second coon and he is doing wonderfully on following track and treeing.   According to William after treeing for a bit they put the coon in the back of a pick-up and he treed on the truck bed (sight unseen) and wouldn't stop until they moved it again.  Looks like William has himself another tree hound


Kevin Walz's Bella.  Bella got a new toy to play with. Pic taken 11/17/10. Ricky &Sassy female pup in Ohio. 18 weeks old i believe.   Very impressive Kevin.  Keep those pics coming!

Got an update from Kevin 11/2011.   This is what he has to say.  Hey Steve and Lavena this is Kevin Walz up here in Ohio that got a pup from you last year (Bella). She is doing great tore kennel apart when she saw first cage coon and in roll cage. turned one loose and she caught him before he made it to woods pulled her off and let him climb and she treed like she had done it all her life.

Nils Balles from Three Springs PA got 2 Baby x Bo pups born 7/09.   A fabulous cross ... read what Nils has to say about his pups.


 These pups from Baby & Bo have become tremendous hounds.  Read below what Nils has had to say about his pups.

"Hello folks, if the pics are clear enough feel free to post some of them.  Otherwise, I will send you some fresh ones as soon as we capture more nite hunts.   Bo is the black saddled pup.  He went in the test hunt last weekend.  Duke is the white background with spots.  Additional comments on the pups:

We have never owned coonhounds and were advised by others that they can be contrary and difficult to manner.  We are a family of 7, ages 8 up to young teens.  These pups have filled a void in every family members life from being tender loving house pets to performing on hunts beyond our largest expectations.  Bo and Duke are naturally eager to please, quick to understand what is expected of them as our companions and friends.  As coonhounds, it has been difficult for me to stay humble about them."



Above is a picture of Duke

"They turn heads and get the highest of praise from others who hunt with us.  Ferocity on the hunt,the music they create on track and devotion to keeping there coon treed is legend."

  "We did not realize what we had in these pups until we started attending shows and different hunts.The attention to detail and vision to refine this breed of hound is now obvious to us.  Thank you, Steve and Lavena for allowing us the opportunity to own these fine hounds."
                          Sincerely, Nils Balles

 Updated pics received from Nils 5/1/12.   Great Pics Nils!

6/10/11 Great News!  Bo now has his htx degree!   Congratulations Nils & Bo!

6/18/11 - Bo Won his First Water Race-Pictures forthcoming!  Good JOB!

5/1/12 - Duke has received his first htx win.   These are some kind of hounds!


9/3/13 - Dukas Maximus and Ezra excel!   Congratulations Ezra and Duke!  Duke is now a show champion!  Great job!


Terry Brookshire's Girlfriend

Received the following from Terry Brookshire (currently in WV). 7/16/11 - Terry purchased a Sharp Tooth Judy x Lone Pine Wing Dinger "Bo" pup that is just 9 months old. Hello, hope all is well. Just wanted let you know my pup has treed with older dog last 2 times (that I ) have taken her. She has treed a couple times on her own but couldn't find the coon~ but sure the last time she had it. She gonna make a fine dog ~ thanks Terry

7/25/11-Received this update from Terry (Now in Lousiana)- Thanks Steve an Lavena I killed my first coon this morning with the pup i got from ya'll . As you know she only 9 months old. What a nice pup. Took her by herself an she did it by the book. Thanks again ~ talk with yall soon. Terry UPDATE 2/21/12 - Just got a call from Terry ~~his pup won her first UKC night hunt. UPDATE 2/25/12 - Got another call from Terry - Came in 2nd in "Girlfriend's" next UKC HUNT! ONE MORE AND SHE'S A NIGHT CHAMPION. This pup is 16 months old! WOW~~

UPDATE 4/8/12 ~~TERRY'S 18 MONTH OLD PUP "Girlfriend" IS NOW A NIGHT CHAMPION!!!/Congratulations Terry!

Update 8/13 - Terry emailed us that Girlfriend is now a Water Champion! Congratulations!

Update 9/27/13 - Very sad new, Girlfriend was killed last night.   Girlfriend was a ch nitech water champ 1 win towards grand.  She was a real special hound.   So sorry for your loss Terry.  She was a great hound.

WOW, Look at these fine two Lone Pine Finley River pups treeing on a BOBCAT!


Copper & Tell.  Owned by Stephen Dix of Vermont.


According to Stephen, Tell (the 8 month old) did a real real nice job of tracking and treeing this cat and stayed with it till he got there.  Copper was raising such a fit a the truck they turned him loose too and he went and treed it too. 

Copper is not quite 6 months old out of Lone Pine Vicky x Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules.

Tell is barely 8 months old and is out of Lone Pine Wild Annie x Lone Pine Nantan Lupan.

They are doing great Stephen!  We'll keep watching from more great adventures from these 2 hounds!

From the other side of the Country!~

Speaking of big Cats, look at what Doug Hamel of Wyoming and his daughter have been treeing.


Sorry I don’t remember the camera as much as I  should but here are a couple of lions we took this year, the one in the aspen tree we took last weekend the other one is my daughters we took it two weeks ago. I will try to get more consistent with the camera. Buster is going to be a good dog soon, the other one is also doing well , he is just a little timid but is doing just fine. Promise I will try harder to remember the camera and get some pictures with the dogs at the tree. (Buster and his brother came from our kennel this spring and headed out west to become big cat dogs.  We had a time with them here, they were running the bears that were coming in behind the house! at only 4-5 months of age!) See updated below!!!!  The pup has grown up!

Update 1/6/14 - from Doug Hamel in Wyoming

Take a look at this nice cat treed by a pup Doug got from our kennel.  As Doug stated "First one on his own."

Thanks Doug for this great pic!   Keep us updated of his progress!

 Got a great email from Ezra Balles regarding a pup he purchased from us a few months ago.  Her name is Ezra's Amber Raisin' Cain and she and Ezra are shown below.


   Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins,

Thank you for the opportunity to own a Sharptooth pup!  Amber is a Hercules X Mox Mox and was born 12 / 03 / 11.
In these pictures she is four in a half months old.  Amber is filling out nicley.  Her voice is loud and clear and I can hear her among  the older hounds.  Bo and Duke put a coon in a hole and dug it out and when Amber heard it squall she dashed into the woods and fought the coon with them.  She stood her first tree on Saturday night and barked a little. Every night she goes further and further into the woods.   Almost every day I take her fishing and she makes a great companion dog.  She is smart and eager to please and I`m sure she will turn out as good as Dads Sharptooth hounds and he is the happiest coon hunter I know.  Enjoy the pictures, your friend Ezra Balles. Age twelve
We received the following pictures from Ezra Balles February 2013. Amber is now 13 months old
Ezra included this message.  "Amber is now 13 months old and is doing an amazing job treeing these February boar coons! I couldnt be happier with her. On these past hunts she continues to impress me. She is fast and accurate most of the time she finds the tracks! She was an "early starter"'
Great Job Ezra!   Keep us posted on her progress!