Sharp Tooth Kennels Night Hunt Pictures

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Nite CH Lone Pine Wing Dinger "Bo" is a wonderful young hound to hunt and be around. He is massive all over, a big hound with a big Sackett head but yet put together wonderfully. He has a beautful big bawl on track and chop on tree. He rattles the woods and there is no doubting when he is on track or tree. Look for more on this wonderful young hound in the days ahead. More great old time Lone Pine Finley River breeding with Crow and Grants Cutter on the Top and Lone Pine Honeybuns who is out of our own old Lone Pine Kate, a legend in her own right on the bottom.


Nite Champion Lone Pine Cowboy's Jody was a first rate track and tree dog. When she struck you knew she had the coon - she did not empty trees with this gal. She was a joy to hunt. This picture was taken in late 2006. Lone Pine Jody has passed on but her bloodline still lives on in our kennel. We truly miss her.

Sharp Tooth Kennel's Judy -This young gal is ALL HEART. Big Bawl Mouth and Super Fast. There is absolutely no mistaking where she is and how fast she is getting there. Always ready to hunt 110% and more! SHE shows tremendous promise in our kennel. Sable x Goliath "Cujo" cross. January 2007


Baby(doll) on the Tree. This young dog is very accurate and a hard hitting chop tree dog. She has a great nose and when she locks down you know the coon is there. This was taken in the winter of 08 and in some really nasty terrain. It was one of those steep gutters with a stream running through the bottom of it. I had to hang on to a tree on the opposite bank so I wouldn't slide down into the creek while trying to snap this this picture of her!


Indianfield's Lone Pine Little Frances is a wonderful up and coming Finley River Lone Pine hound, currently owned by Paul Sanders of Warsaw VA. An incredible young hound. This fine picture was taken at night recently. She is one of those rare naturals that just had it and continues to get it done in the woods. She is out of Lone Pine Frances who is out of our Old Lone Pine Kate. I think you will be hearing a lot more about this young hound in the future.


GRCH LonePine Josie B out of NightCH Lone Pine Jody x Sharp Tooth Kennels Cujo is fast on her way to being a top notch hound. She is an extremely accurate track and tree hound as well as pretty as a picture. This is Josie on the tree, her owner Billy Boggs has just gotten to the tree and was going to leash her back when I got there and just had to take this picture of her just burning up the tree. 5/09