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Annie x Timber pups 2 females

available 8 weeks

old as of 6/15. Ready to go!

going fast!!!

If interested please email me as soon as possible.  sharptoothkennel@juno.com

11/15/16 Here is what Allen Vollmer has to say about his Ellie May x Hercules pup - Ike

Hello Steve and Lavena.  Just wanted to let you know my pup Ike who is almost 11 months old was in on a bobcat race today.  He did a good job on track and tree.  There is a lot of pup in him around the house but when he gets a nose full of something that he wants he really gets to work in the woods.  He is out of Hercules and Ellie May 12/24/15.  I have owned a few hounds but only one that was truly good.  This pup from you is going to be a good one.

 He has character, drive and a willingness to please.  I will try to send some pictures.  Thanks!  Allen Vollmer

NOTE:  Bruce Myers from NJ also had very very good things to say about his pup 11/12/16 in a phone conversation.  He also got a pup out of that 12/24/15 litter of Ellie May & Hercules.  He had him running Bear in Maine this year with his pack and said this pup did a great job.  Started and finished several races. Says he should really make a nice hound.l  oh

Jim Boardman from Iowa got a nice male he calls Buster out of our 2016 Katie2 x Hercules litter.  He called to say that the pup is doing great.  At 3 months he was barking at a caged coon and at 5 months he's tracking and treeing squirrels.  Looks like he's gonna be a good one!  Keep us posted Jim!

 Read what Roger Kloepping has to say about his Wild Annie x Bandit female he recently purchased. 

"Lavena , I am pumped i caught a coon last nite for 2 older dogs put the coon in the back seat of the car had little Reba in the front seat with me, soon as she smelled it her hair came up she growled & barked at it all the way to turn it loose , then barked at it with the older dogs. she is awesome i bet this will make Steve smile it sure does me. i will keep you posted have a great day i am." Roger, and in another email he states" At her age that is something to brag about, i told you she wasnt afraid of anything haha. Have a great day. Roger  UPDATE received 6/14/13 Hi Lavena, Went hunting last nite took Reba along my Frost dog got treed Reba and i walked into the tree Reba began sniffing around on some limbs leaning against the tree and began treeing. She continues to amaze me... have a good day Roger 

Update 12/30/13 - Had a great call from Roger...Reba had been improving each time...had been tracking the coon to the tree with the other dogs...well now she has figured out what she is supposed to do...she is not only tracking the coon but treeing the coon on her own. Terrific job for a 8 month old pup! Great job Roger and Reba!

Thanks Roger...we look forward to hearing more about this beautiful pup.

Another testimonial received 3/3/14 about a pup from our Spring 2013 Wild Annie x Bandit litter from Ricky Haines of VA.

Hello Steve and lavena

Its Rick from Virginia just wanted to give you an update on Joyce who is out of Wild Annie and Bandit. She has turned into a coon treeing machine by her self or with company. i have been hunting her with a male dog who is only one win from grand and he is the real deal but i can tell you one thing about her she just turned 11-months and 4 out of 6 times she is first to stike and first to tree with the meat i had a guy wanting to buy her for 1500 dollars the other night told him no amount of money could buy her the
only down fall is she will bump a fox from time to time once i get a handle on that i may even put her in some night hunts so far nothing i have hunted her with could even touch her. Ricky Haines

  Please check out additional testimonials on our pups at the bottom of the page!

Female 1 out of Sharpshooter Annie x Lone Pine Timber


Female 2- these pics are a couple of weeks old . New pics to be posted soon

Great crosses being planned!   Keep watching for updates!


Lone Pine Sharpshooter Annie

STK Lone Pine Timber Buster-sire of pups 


Pup Testimonials 2013-2014

A great testimonial received from Nils Balles of Three Springs PA re: his pup Gladys (out of Sharp Tooth Kennels Clementine x Gooseneck Willis. As received 7/4/14:

I love all my dogs. They are all sharptooth.Been waiting on our youngest Gladys knight. She`s just two. When we ask for your advice, keep hunting her. Lawd almighty, just like lightning strikes here comes Gladys. From the quiet she is deadly accurate. Strike and tree ;true predator. Always a coon and she has the mouth to bring us there without modern technology. We have purchased four hounds from you each is family and precious, but it keeps getting better;thanks for sharing. Steve,Lavena.......Don`t tell too many people! Nils

A testimonial received from another happy pup customer. Travis Ryan. Another great pup out of Sharp Tooth's Wild Annie x NITECH Mac's Ridge Runner Bandit. Born 4/1/13.Emailed by Travis Rec'd in Aug 1- He is doing good I messed with him more today he starts to eat at the cage now till he busts his lips open Update 9/12/13 Boomer is still doing awesome he is really starting to shape up and turn into a hound he is just about ready to start hitting the woods and bagging the fur.

Morgan, another Wild Annie x Bandit female born 4/1/13 owned by Josh Kreitz of Fairfield PA. Hi lavena, I've been working Morgan which is the pup I just got from you. She showed tons of potential last night. I worked them on a cat and those 2 really worked well. She hated that thing when they caught up to it. I was really happy with her. She is little but tries to keep up with him and just worked her butt off.

Roger Kloepping from Illinois purchased a pup from our spring litter. He got a beautiful female, Reba, out of our Wild Annie x Bandit cross which is currently 3-1/2 months old. Here is what Roger had to say about his pup at 11 weeks. "Lavena , I am pumped i caught a coon last nite for 2 older dogs put the coon in the back seat of the car had little Reba in the front seat with me, soon as she smelled it her hair came up she growled & barked at it all the way to turn it loose , then barked at it with the older dogs. she is awesome i bet this will make Steve smile it sure does me. i will keep you posted have a great day i am." Roger, and in another email he states" At her age that is something to brag about, i told you she wasnt afraid of anything haha. Have a great day. Roger Update received 6/14/13 Hi Lavena, Went hunting last nite took Reba along my Frost dog got treed Reba and i walked into the tree Reba began sniffing around on some limbs leaning against the tree and began treeing. She continues to amaze me... have a good day Roger .

12/30/13 - Got a nice update from Roger on Reba. She has been consistenly on track with the dogs and going to the tree. Just this past week she got it figured out and is treeing coon on her own! Great job Roger & Reba!

Bill Bailey got a pup out of Wild Annie x Ridge Runner Bandit who is a littermate to Roger Kloepping's pup. His female is doing great. Took out a barked on her own track twice and then finished one with his old dog barking every breath on the tree! He's thrilled!in MI is doing great! His pup was born 4/1/13. Great job folks. Hope to see some pics soon!

Got calls already on another of this year's litter of great pups. The pup Willis out of our Judy x Hercules litter born 1/1/13 is doing a great job running bears in Washington State. Dropped him in on his first bear run and he took it right through to the end! Go Willis.

Judy x Hercules Pup born 1/1/13 Received 9/10/13 - hey lavena and steve it rick from va just wanted to let you know that ghost has started to run and tree on his own he just turned 8-months on the 1st and is doing a great job he is out of Hercules and judy I need to make plans one weekend to come up and hunt with ya!

Dan Robiadek from MI Rambo, a STK's Lone Pine Betty Boop x Sharp tooth Kennels Hercules Pup - born 3/12/13 email received 7/12/13- Rambo is doing great I got him swimming with the big dogs there's lots of go in him can't wait to get him on some bears

Donovan Traggai - Received 6/27/13

Hi Steve and Lavena:

I just wanted to let you know that "IVY" is growing quickly and has been a great pup so far. She was a hercules x stylish babe cross incase you have forgotten. I havent begun any training yet, just teaching to walk on a leash and come when i call. She progressing in both areas but listens pretty well. I have shown her a coon hide which she immediately attacked and started shaking. I was wondering if you thought it was time to start her on a roll cage (she is about 4 months). Any advice would be greatly appreciated keeping in mind im going to train without another hound since my friends dogs are competition hunters which is not what i want. I will send pics soon so you can see how she has grown.

Thanks Again


Updated from Donovan received 11/9/13:

Hi Steve and Lavena:
I wanted to let you know how ivy was doing(stylish babe x hercules). I have been giving her coon in a roll cage for several weeks and since trapping season opened nearly every evening. Its amazing how much she improved over the last few weeks. At first i couldnt hold her attention and now she is running and treeing most of them. I decided to take her out last night to see what she would do and she immediately opened up on a coon 50 yards from the truck and ran it 200 yards up the valley we were hunting. when she ended the track she barked tree for a minute then realized she was alone and came running back. with a little encouragement i got her back on track and when i arrived she was tapping a tree and running a small loop back to the same tree - no coon in it but a good first try. she also struck two other short tracks before we left. I couldnt be happier with her progress only being 8 months old. im carrying a camera so i can hopefully send you a picture of her first coon real soon. thanks for the great pup and all the training advice you have offered. If steve has any more training suggestions to help her along i always appreciate them.
Thanks Again
Donovan Traggiai

Great Job Donovan & Ivy...look forward to hearing more of Ivy's progress. She's is doing fantastic for a 8 month old pup!

received 3/1/14

Hi steve and lavena'

its Donovan from Butler, pa. Wanted to let you know my "Ivy" dog (Hercules x Stylish Babe) treed her first coon Saturday night. Its taking longer than I anticipated but she is doing well. unfortunately the weather here had all training shut down since deer season, its been freezing. anyway, a couple nights and she was running again and finally finished a track. remember im training without other dogs so its been tough but she is turning into a fine hound. thanks again

You are doing great Donovan and so is IVY. This has been a real tough winter to hunt let alone train a pup and do it by yourself. Sounds like she is gonna be a real hound! Keep up the good work!

Looks like hard and consistent work pays off! Read the following email received from Donovan on 4/20/14

Hey Lavena:

Donovan from butler, thought you might like to know ivy has flipped the switch. She been averaging three trees a night. took her out with two night champions that already have wins toward grand and she held her own. got first strike three times and helped tree 4 out of 5 coon and broke off to tree a 6th on her own. very proud of her. cant wait till I can start knocking down fur to her, she is going to go crazy. I know you want pics, ill try to get you some soon. thanks again

Looking forward to those pics Donovan! Congrats to you and IVY!

9/14/13 - Received the following email from Nolan Crowther in Idaho. Nolan has purchased 3 fine pups from us, trained over the past 2 years. He currently has purchased a pup out of our Lil x Bear cross that is being trained by us. Nolan hunts bears and big cats and you can see some of his cats on our testimonial page. Here is what Noland had to say about our hounds. We were out chasing bears today had 2 of your female dogs with us today lead pack of 9 dogs all day. I love these dogs very fast and have terrific nose. We will be running males on Thursday Tracker will be going. Best dog I have ever bought. You don’t find people like Steve and Levena every day. I will be purchasing another puppy next year. All three dogs are doing great could not ask for better dogs. Nolan

Update 10/3/13 - received from Nolan Tracker is one fast dog. Fred (newest dog out of STK Lone Pine Finley River LIL x NITECH Lone Pine Bear htx, still at STK for training) better get his running shoes on if he is going to keep up with him. All in all our pack of dogs are really improving are looking forward to spring bear season with 4 sharp tooth dogs we are going to be hard to out run for any bear. Nolan

UPDATE 10/29/14 - Got an update from Nolan on the pup we sent him earlier this year out of Lone Pine Lil (Gooseneck Anne x Willis) and Lone Pine Bear (Lone Pine Francis x Sharp Tooth's Goliath (Cujo). Here is what Nolan had to say about "Fred" "Steve, Fred is turning out to be the best dog I own just thought I would let you know". Steve also talked to Nolan by phone this date....Fred doing real good job with bears but what he is really shining on is running mountain lions. Thanks Nolan for keeping us up to date with how your pups are doing!

1/20/14 - Received the following from Rick Haines in Virginia. Rick got a Wild Annie x Bandit cross born 4/1/13. Here is what he had to say. Hi Steve and lavena:
Its rick from va just wanted to give you an update on Joyce whos out of wild Annie and bandit. She has really flipped the light on... done had her out almost every night last week and she's treed 8 coons buy her self and they are wild coons without feeder buckets. For only being 9-months old i'm amazed on how well she's turning out so far... knock on wood lol. When she trees the meat is there. i'll send some pic and keep u posted thanks again for another fine hound. rick

3/30/14 - Received from Steve Hosmer. Steve purchased a last year's WCH FCH CH Sharp Tooth's Judy x GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules female. Here is what he says:


Princes is seven moths old, she is almost done with first heat. Quite the moody experience for her but we made it through. I got a coon last night and did a long drag with it around the house. Princess immediately hit the trail started running then opened up. I had it tied in a tree and she did an amazing job barking and staying put. For a pup to not leave the tree is amazing. I know she will be ready to go this fall. Going to make an even longer trail later over the next few days to keep her attention. I know she will have no trouble finding the coon. Super excited for the great dog and the amazing hunting we are going to have in about six months. Can't wait to show her off to you when we come visit for a hunt. Thanks again.

update received 6/9/14
princess has been chasing alot but not holding tree.. its ok she is a baby
still.. so last night i had her meet a small coon-ten pounds and she did amazing she
chased it up the tree held tree then finished it off after some softening, she got nipped
but went right back at it with a brand of crazy i have never seen. she needed a bath to
get all the red off her from the coon. i am sure she will be ready by this fall to get
some fur. thanks again for the great dog.


Steve Hosmer

1/4/13 - Congratulations to William Brooks and Lone Pine Zoe's Meltdown for their win at the 2013 Grand American. Finished 18th overall and 10th in the Registered cast! Great job! Pic of William and Zoe on the Testimonial Page!

Here is a great testimonial from Dave Jenniges from MN who got two pups from us out of last years' December litter of Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules x Sharp Tooth Kennels Judy. Here's what he has to say!

"Thanks again for everything. here are some photos of Red and Bones through training and there first kills over the season they ended up treeing 43 coon and rarely broke off trail for other game. we trained for coon and that's what they hunt very impressed with both of them. the whiter one bones has an awesome nose, even on cold nights when the coon arent really running far from there den he seems to find them. unfortunately we cant get denned up ones so we leave them but we see coon hair most times were there bawling. the two groups of coon in the photos were the first two hunts they ever did. 8 coon 3 locations one night. 10 coon the second hunt and only two locations. i hope this testimony will help others skeptical of trying it is way to easy with great dogs like these "
David Jenniges
( You can see the pictures received with this testimonial on the Testimonial Pages of this website.)

1/2013 Here is a real nice testimonial posted by Bruce on the UKC message forum about the pups he got from us.

Sharptooth pups

I purchased two pups last year out of Sharptooth Bear.
They were two of the best pups I have ever raised, and I have raised a lot of pups. They were nine months old at the start of the 2012 bear training season. I sent one to Virginia with a friend to hunt him for me and I hunted one. By the end of the season he had been on a total of 35 bears between training season and kill season. He was put in at the start and packed in on several occasions. That pup never quit one race. He treed as good as any of the older dogs as well as stayed with the mean ones on the ground. I have never had a pup under a year old do that well. My buddy John who was hunting his brother said he was doing just as well and was responsible for strightening out one track that the old dogs took backwards, he tried to buy him that night. Steve and Levina were great people to deal with. I have one other pup from them that is now six months old and he is doing a great, i had a man from WV. offer me a Thousand dollars for him. They raise some nice pups, get one if you can. If you look on there web sight you can see my pups treeing and grabbing some bears.

You can see Bruce's Pups on our Bear Hunt with Sharp Tooth Pups page.