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Standing at Stud - Sharp Tooth Kennels Males.   The best of the best.  Legendary, Solid, Hard to find old bloodlines with proven offspring.  Read our testimonials on these hounds and see if the traits consistently spoken of in these puppies are the traits you are looking for in your hounds.   Negative Brucellosis Test required for all breedings to these males.

CH NITECH Lone Pine Bear htx

Bear is out of Lone Pine Francis and Sharp Tooth's Goliath (Cujo). He is a remarkable hound..very intent and serious for a very young hound. Made Show Champion in 3 shows and was an very early starter in the woods, many times out hunting his "pup trainers". His hunting is consistantly solid and has impressed many that have had the opportunity to hunt with him. Bear made show champion with 3 first place wins and has earned his htx title in 3 consecutive hunt tests. Bear was only 2 years old at the time of his htx title.

Currently Bear has just turned 4 years old and is as nice and as solid a coondog as you can ask for. If you turn him out when nothing is moving he will make about 700 yd circle and return to you. If there is a track he will find it, he has an incredible nose and many times splits off from the other dogs to tree his own coon. The best part about Bear is he doesn't make mistakes, he doesn't tree empty trees. When he trees he has a coon and he literally blows the top out of the tree when he trees, a harder tree dog you will not find. Countless folks who have hunted with Bear from the time he was a pup have commented on both his tracking and his treeing ability.

11/17/12 - Bear is now a night champion. He won 3 UKC first place wins at 3 different club, 2 of those wins Bear was high scoring dog of the hunt.


Lone Pine Bear's Pedigree

CH GRNITECH Rock River Sackett Jr.

GRNITECH Strang Smith Lone Pine Cowboy

GRNITECH Terry's Crazy Annie

PR Sharp Tooth's Goliath

GRNITECH Slober Slinging Slick

NITECH Slober Slinging Poison

Barker's Bonnie II

CH Lone Pine Bear htx

NiteCH Fisher's Jim-Bo II

Brush Creek Crook

Lone Pine Jane

Lone Pine Francis

Finley River Timber Buster

NiteCH Everhart's Alice

Gibb's Georgia Trixie

NITECH Lone Pine Bear Night Hunt Winner at a recent hunt  at Eckhart Mines, MD 6/2013.  3 more to go to be a Grand Night!   Bear is shown his handler, Billy Boggs.  Great Job Bear & Billy!


Bo is an incredible hound, big in every way from his booming voice on track and tree to his massive body size.  He is solid in every way from his tracking and treeing to his huge houndy head to his solid as a rock structure.   He is very striking and pleasing to the eye, excellent conformation, with a beautiful disposition.   Pups from this massive hound are early learners inheriting much of their fathers physique and temperment.  There is no quit in them.  Bo made night champion in 3 hunts and earned his htx (hunt) degree in 3 consecutive hunts as well. 


We have many picture of Bo treeing throught the website, please check Night Hunt Pics and Updates for more information on Bo.

Lone Pine Wing Dinger - Bo Pedigree


         GRNITECH Hard Knocking Stylish Hayes

   GRNITECH Ball's Hickory Nut Harry

            GRNITE CH Schmersal's Stylish Anna

GRCH GRNITECH Crow & Grant's Cutter

          CH GRNITECH Rock River Sackett Jr

     GRCH GRNITECH Nite Heat Abby

           GRNITECH Nite Heat Dixie

NITECH PR Lone Pine Wing Dinger HTX

           CH GRNITECH Rock River Sackett Jr

   GRNITECH PR Strang Smith Lone Pine Cowboy

            GRNITECH Terry's Crazy Annie

GRNITECH PR Lone Pine Honey Buns

              GRNITECH Lawson'e Lone Riv. Gunner

     GRNITECH PR S&S Lone Pine Kate

              PR Lone Pine LENO

NITECH Mac's Ridge Runner Bandit. Bandit is a full brother to our Lone Pine Babydoll. A beautiful dog, he is not only impressive in the woods, he has thrown some wonderful litters bred to our lone pine finley river bred hounds. Bandit is Performance Pedigree for 2014. See his pedigree below. Breeding rights with Bandit is coordinated solely through associate Billy Boggs. Please email for contact information.


Bandit's Bloodline

GRNITECH Rock River Sackett

CH GRNITECH PR Rock River Sackett Jr

GRNITECH PR Skean's Dolly

GRNITECH PR Strang Smith Lone Pine Cowboy

GRNITECH CH PR Logan's Wild Clover

GRNITECH PR Terry's Crazy Annie

PR Lone Pine Chris

NITECH PR Mac's Ridge Runner Bandit

GRNITECH PR Malone's Lone Pine Nailer

GRNITECH PR Nailor's Lone Pine Leroy

PR Lone Pine Leno


PR Lone Pine Dewey

GRNITECH PR S&S Lone Pine Sally

GRNITECH PR Strang's Lone Pine Ellie

GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules

 Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules is a nice big hound with beautiful conformation, extremely fast on track and tree's with a hard fast chop.

The pups he has thrown so far are extremely impressive with their conformation, early starters and quick to learn.  You can check out testimonials on our home page and the testimonial page.   Check out Odin, who is a beautiful big blanketback pup who at 5 months was treeing coons with the big dogs.

Hercules Pedigree

 NiteCH Yadkin River Crowder

GRNITECH Rock River Sackett

 Flynn's Hustlin Gypsy

CH GRNITECH Rock River Sackett JR

 GRNITECH Dohoney's Boone

GRNITECH Skean's Dolly

 Dohoney's Spice

GRNITECH Strang Smith Lone Pine Cowboy

 GRNITECH Owen's Hardwood Bozo

GRNITE CH Logan's Wild Clover

 GRNITECH Logan's Wild Julie

GRNITECH Terry's Crazy Annie

 Magills Lone Pine Toby

Lone Pine Chris

 CH Strang's Little Sally

Sharp Tooth's Goliath (Cujo)

 GRNITECH Masterson's Knob Creek

NITECH Chilzer's Lead

 GRNITECH Slober Slinging Slick

Rolling Fork River Ann

 GRNITECH Midnight Cowboy

Hawker's Queen

 Hawker's Suzabelle

NITECH Slober Slinging Poison

 NTIECH Brook's Harstick Big Ben

NITECH Rocky Glen Jake

 Houses's Sue

Barker's Bonnie II

 Nite Ch Rocky Glenn Paul II

Mellon's R.G. SIS

 Houses's Brandy

CH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules

 AKC WLD CH DL GR NITE CH Mack's Little Joe

NITECH Houses's Bruno

 NITECH Spring River Dixie


 DL GR CH Houses' Lipper

Ray's Shoestring

GRCH GRNITECH Houses' Night Stalker

 Hunter's Neosho River Rambler

GRNITECH Backwoods Stroker

 Hammon's Forgehill Tiny

GRNITECH Heath's Backwoods Windy

 NiteCH Yadkin River Crowder

Heath's Crowding Kelly

 Heath's Treeing Queen

Rock Oak Sage

 GRNITECH Drifter's Hicountry Hawk

CH NITECH HiCountry Little Hawk

 Whiskey Hollow Queen

Rock Oak Pearl

 GRNITECH GRCH Deanwood's Ohio After Dark

Diller's Georgetown Jill

 CH Deanwood Fancy

GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Lone Pine Finley River Odin wins a world qualifier at Berkeley Springs WV 2014.

GRCH Sharp Tooth's LonePine Finley River Odin. A beautiful Male out of FCH WCH CH Sharp tooth Kennels Judy x GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules. Extremely fast this boy is not only gorgeous but knows what to do in the woods. He is a UKC Show Champion and is shown above in his first AKC Conformation event in West Springfield MASS winning a 4 pt major event as Best of Breed, July 4, 2013. Shown above with Judge Bonnie Linnell Clark and Handled beautifully by Leah Ramsey.

GRCH Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Finley River Odin wins at a world qualifier in Berkely Springs, WV, May 2014