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More Photos of our Hounds ~ Past and Present

Lone Pine Betty Boop, another fine female out of Lone Pine Francis x NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger "Bo". She is shown on the left and is happily running bears with Stephen Dix in Vermont. This is what Stephen has to say about her. Message received 7/2016 - Betty did a great job today she ran up front the whole race treed like a dream just thought you guys would like to know that she's doing great

Sharp Tooth Kennel's Molly @ AKC MD State Championship 3/07

Sharp Tooth Sable x Sharp Tooth Goliath (Cujo)

This little beauty is a Granddaughter of Slobber Slinging Poison

Steve, Bekki Smith (handler) & Lavena


Sharp Tooth Kennels Judy does it again!   She won the Walker Sectionals in Eckhart MD in both Field Trials (Line and Tree) and Water Races (Line and Tree).  She is now a Water Champion, a Field Trial Champion and a Show Champion.  Shown is owners Lavena & Steve Jenkins, handler Ben Swope and of course Judy.

Update 8/09 - Judy made Grand Water Champion at the TWBFA Sectional in Eckhart MD.

Sharp Tooth Kennel Sable

This is a picture of Sable in her youth (and Steve) and at the top of her game.  Not only does she show exquisite conformation, but an incredible nose that could "wind" coons driving down the road.  Her very long legs granted her incredible speed on track to drive that coon up the tree.   You could hear her pulling ahead of the rest of the "pack" and treeing long before the others got to her.  You can see her conformation in all of her pups (See Molly aboveand Judy on other pages) and her other fine qualities are showing themselves in her pups.  She  slowed down some with age but was still a force to be dealt with in the woods until she passed on in 2007.   What a great loss for our kennel.  Her legend lives on in her daughter FCH, WCH SCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Judy, who is much like her mother in many ways and in her grandson Lone Pine Finley River Odin.

Now here is another beautlful Finley River Lone Pine Hound.  In this picture you can see Lone Pine Finley River Vicky. She is out of Lone Pine Francis and Sharp Tooth Kennels Goliath "Cujo". She has recently found her niche in winning 2 three point majors in AKC in New Jersey (2016) AND then went to win Best of Show at Eckhart Mines, MD in a UKC bench show. She has produced phenominal hounds such as Lone Pine Iron Maiden aka Maggie Mae as owned by Vicky and Roy Brachfeld in NY who has countless titles and certifications in UKC and AKC as well as an international champion and Lone Pine Winger Jr who is a treeing machine. As far as finley river is concerned I think Terry Bartles said it best. "Vicky and Bear really resemble the old Finley River dogs 45 to 50 yrs ago, I seen and hunted with Finley River Pete and Spike when the were about a 1 1/2 old, and they were built and looked like Bear and Vicky." this was taken from the Tri State Coonhunters Eckhart Mines facebook page 6/18/16.

Wild Annie all grown up.  She is a beautiful cross from Lone Pine Cowboys Jody and Sharp Tooth Goliath "Cujo".  She hunts, she swims, she is gritty and she is a nice all round hound.  A fine example of the old Lone Pine breeding.  Shown with her is Sharp Tooth's Hercules.

Early Hunter - On the wood and only 8 months old and took to it like a fish to water!

Shw was also featured on UKC's Every Hound has its day 6/22/07 through 6/24/07 with the following caption.  Pretty Trio of Lone Pine Dogs with Annie. Sharp Tooth Kennel's Lone Pine Wild Annie is only 8 months old and we have high hopes for her!.  She is up on the wood really letting the world know she has found the coon!  This was her first time out with the big dogs and she tracked as well as treed this coon.


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