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Great Photos of Notable hounds and Rising Stars from our Kennels


Introducing you to some of our pups and "rising stars" in our kennels.  You will find below pictures of NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger htx (Bo),    You will also see Bo (Lone Pine Wing Dinger) who is an incredible addition to our stud dogs with his huge countenance, big sackett head, huge voice and accuracy in the woods.  Bo is out of Cutter on the top and Honeybuns (out of Lone Pine Kate) on the bottom we are proud to have him at Sharp Tooth Kennels. Right across from Bo is the newest addition to this page.  AKC CH Lone Pine Skull N Bones vom STK, affectionately known as Hunter Pie.  PIE is a beautiful male out of Lone Pine Ricky and Gooseneck Sassy of our kennel.  He not only shows to perfection in AKC and UKC but he REALLY HUNTS! PIE is owned by Vicky & Roy Brackfeld and is handled by Leah Ramsey.  Clementine, a beautiful female cross out of Rock Oak Sage and our Sharp Tooth Kennels Goliath (Cujo)  She is not only striking in appearance but a lot of fun to hunt, accurate with a big booming voice.  Also note a great  shot of Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Nantan Lupan and Lone Pine Lil, .  Nantan is our "grey walker" who is doing a great job in the woods training Lone Pine Lil who at 5 months is going with the big dogs and treeing.   She is a Gooseneck Anne x Gooseneck Willis cross (two wonderfuly bred old lone pine Finley River hounds.  Old Francis who was heavy Finley River Lone Pine bred top and bottom abd even as an older female was still a real go-getter in the woods!  The pups out of Old Frances are really something, inquisitive seem to have a natural predisopsition to hunt.  Best of all  the linage of Francis goes back to old Lone Pine Kate who you will find mentioned time and time again on this website. ) Check out our At Stud page for  pictures of Odin, a son out of Sharp Tooth Kennels Judy x Sharp Tooth's Hercules.   Incredible conformation and a big big male, he was running and treeing with the big dogs at 5 months. Recently took a 4 pt major in West Springfield MASS in AKC July 4, 2013.  Not only looks but treeing ability too.  Another fine example of our old time Lone Pine hounds.
Watch for updates on Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Tootsie. Tootsie is out of Lone PIne Rachel x Indianfields Lone Pine Buck.  Tootsie just started formal training in the woods and is already running and treeing her own coon after 1 week.  Blowing the top out the tree too like she's been doing it for years.   Pretty amazing...Watch for updates and pictures of this fine female.

Meet Bo.  His real name is NiteCH Lone Pine Wing Dinger, but he prefers to be called "Bo".  A Wonderful Big Male Hound who is setting the woods on fire.   He is "immense" in every sense of the word.  He has a huge bark, he is a big big dog, solid as a rock with a huge head and is beautifully marked.  Best of all he can really REALLY tree coons.  He has a "rattle the woods" voice and there is absolutely no mistaking when he is treed. Bo (Wing Dinger) is out of Crow and Grant's Cutter on the top and Lone Pine Honeybuns on the bottom.  Honeybuns is out of Lone Pine Cowboy x our old Lone Pine Kate dog.  She can be found in the Sharp Tooth Dogs past and present page.  An absolutely unbelieveable track and tree dog, placing in and winning many major hunts across the US.   Every indication is showing that there is a lot of Old Kate in Bo.   And that is not mentioning the other wonderful dogs in Bo's lines such as Cowboy, Sackett Jr, Cutter, Hickory Nut Harry.   We do have the 7 generation pedigree and they are all there..the famous old Finley River Dogs and Lone Pine dogs in these hounds are absolutely astounding.   Bo is the culmination of years of careful and fine breeding and can be seen hunting this fine dog.    Sharp Tooth Lone Pine Finley River Vicky, littermate Sister to GRNITECH Lone Pine Bear is really found her niche. After winning 2 (two) 3 point major's in AKC Conformation events, she then went to win Best of show at the Eckhart Mines UKC bench show in June, 2016. Not only is she beautiful and displays the best of the old finley river breeding, she produces phenominal pups! She is the mother of Maggie May also a big AKC, UKC hit as well as Lone Pine Winger JR also shown on this page. The genes run strong in this one!




Bear Mountain Mia

Mia is back at Sharp Tooth Kennels.  She is a beautiful example of great Lone Pine breeding and traits.  She is out of Sharp Tooth's Lone Pine Francis x Sharp Tooth's Goliath (Cujo).  She has the grit and tenecity to get the toughest bear bayed or treed and is relentless in the chase.  She is a proven reproducer.  Thanks Stephen Dix for this opportunity!



NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE!!!  A new hound on the scene. The AKC and UKC scene that is. NITECH GRCH FC  Lone Pine Skull N Bones vom STK htx, CGC, TDI, out of Lone Pine Ricky and Gooseneck Sassy from our kennel.  "Hunter Pie" as affectionately called by his owners Vicky & Roy Brachfeld is the whole package, he is winning at UKC Field Trials and Bench Shows and makes quite a statement in the woods.  He is now competing in the AKC venue and doing very well at it.  Vicky's motto is "Form Follows Function", and Lone Pine Skull N Bones is a perfect example of that.  Above Hunter Pie is handled to perfection and beautifully gaited by his handler Leah Ramsey.   UPDATE 2015.  PIE is now a GRAND Champion UKC show dog, a CH Field Trial and a NITE CHAMPION WITH 2 WINS TOWARDS GRAND.   9/18/15 he became htx certified as well. 

UPDATE 11/2016 - PIE IS NOW UKC GRNITECH!!!  He truly is a beautiful example of our hounds.  Congratulations to Vicky, Roy and Leah for a fine hound.


CH Lone Pine Skull N Bones vom STK became a Champion on his 3rd Birthday at West Springfield MASS with a 15 point MAJOR. Leah and "Hunter Pie" make an impressive team.

Here is what Vicky has to say.

"PIE" -Finished his GRAND NIGHT CHAMPION Saturday Night and now becomes - The ONE and ONLY "THE FIRST"
Lone Pine Skull N Bones vom STK CGCA TDI
THANK YOU to the BEST friends and Breeders that made this possible - Steve Lavena Jenkins /Sharp Tooth Kennel Angel Caraccia Leah Ann RamseyRod BolsterLindsey Harris Wedemeyer - WE DID IT!!!!! PIE and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


(AKC Grand Champion - UKC Grand Bench - Grand Field - Grand Night - HTX - International Champion - Intercontinental Champion - CGCA - TDI - AKC Multiple Group Placing - )



A Beautiful male from our kennel - Sharp Tooth Kennels Issac. He is really coming along nicely, beautifully put together male with Mojo on the top, great old breeding throughout. As one breeder friend put it "He has great bone" when speaking of his conformation. Can really lay a nice track in the woods and there is no mistaking when he is treed!.


CH STK Lone Pine Finley River Jenks

Shown with Billy Boggs


CH STK Lone Pine Finley River Jenks, a son of Winger JR and STK Lone Pine Ellie Mae (a daughter of GRNITECH Lone Pine Bear)  This makes Jenks a grandson of not only GRNITECH Lone Pine Bear but also NITECH Lone Pine Finley River Wing Dinger, htx


Welcome Back Tell!

Exciting News!   Tell from Vermont is back!  Tell, an incredible bear dog out of STK Lone Pine Wild Annie x Sharp Tooth Kennels Nantan Lupan is back at Sharp Tooth Kennels for stud.   The spitting image of his grandfather Sharp Tooth Kennels Goliath "Cujo", this great old bloodline from our kennel is back.

Thank you Stephen Dix for allowing us this opportunity!



Clementine is really letting this old Boar Coon have it on a pleasure night hunt.    Clementine is a Cujo Sage Cross, littermate sister to Hercules shown below.

GRCH STK's Lone Pine Finley River Pearl, CH of GRCH at the Treeing Walker Sectional at Eckhart Mines 10/8/16.   Shown by Billy Boggs.   She also won Queen of Show.

GRCH STK's Lone Pine Finley River Pearl..a beautiful pup out of FCH WCH CH Sharp Tooth Kennels Judy x GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules.  Born 1/1/13, she won Best of Show at a UKC Walker Sectional August 17, 2013 at Eckhart Mines, MD. She has also won CH of CH Female in the Walker Sectional in Eckhart Mines October 2014 and finish off to grand show this August 2015 in Eckhart Mines as Queen of Show.   She won Ch of Champion female in a RQE in Berkeley Springs 2015 qualifying for the World Show.  This little gal is not only beautiful, but has given the bears and coons in our area a real fit.  She has a tremendous nose on her and is already running  with the big dogs in the woods independently striking, many times first strike and running the track on her own.  Holding more than one bear at bay and treeing it along with tracking and treeing coon. 

LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS HOUND!   GRCH STK's Lonepine Iron Maiden owned by Vicky and Roy Brachfeld and Leah Ramsey.  AKA MAGGIE MAE!   Maggie is a beautiful 2013 pup out of Sharp Tooth Kennels Vicky and NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger htx.   Here she is shown as a Purina Eukanuba National Winner in Orlando in 2014  She is also a Junior CH International Canine Kennel Club and
Intercontinental Senior Puppy Champion as well as a UKC Grand Show Champion.  Go Maggie!  Maggie is out of Sharp tooth Kennels Vicky x NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger htx (Bo)

GRNITECH CH Lone Pine Bear htx.   Recent Night Hunt Win.  Bear is shown with Billy Boggs who has been hunting and showing Bear for us.   "Bear" is a Francis x Cujo pup from our November 08 litter.  Bear is out of Sharp Tooth Kennels Goliath (Cujo) and Lone Pine Francis, a wonderful heavy finley river lone pine dog.   Bear has beautiful conformation and amazing treeing ability.  Originally purchased as a pup by Terry Bartles, he quicky displayed an uncanny ablity to track and tree, even outhunting his "pup trainers" and treeing his own coons.  Bear, now 3 years old, is a show champion, winning 3 1st place best of shows to get his title.  This dog has a passion to hunt which is evident every time you turn him loose.  He is all business, very accurate and one of the hardest treeing dogs we have ever seen.  One of the things Terry had shared with us early on was that he had never seen a pup tree as hard as Bear, especially considering how young he was.  He has only improved with age.   Bear has had 2 litters of pups to date and his characteristics that make him an exceptional tree hound are following through solidly to his pups.   Check out the Bear hunt with Sharp Tooth pups.


6/28/14 - BEAR DOES IT AGAIN!    NITECH Lone Pine Bear wins High Scoring dog at a night hunt in Eckhart Mines MD with 450+ Points.   Thank you Billy Boggs!   You two are truly a team!   So far in the run for grand Bear has won the 3 out of four hunts as high scoring dog.

Bear is Grand Night - High Scoring Dog at Walker Sectional! 4 out of 5 hunts high scoring dog!p>


JR, a beautiful male out of CH Sharp Tooth Kennels Vicky x NITECH Lone Pine Wing Dinger "Bo" htx winning first place in his first nite hunt.   This is one accurate dog and a true joy to hunt with!   He won the Christmas Classic 2016 at Tri State Houndsmen (Registered)

STK Lone Pine Finley River Winger JR won first place/high scoring dog at the 2016 Berkeley Springs Christmas Classic!

 held December 16, 2016.  First Place Registered 300+.  Handled by Billy Boggs!

Introducing Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules.  A Sage x Cujo cross.  This picture was taken when Hercules was a year old.   His conformation in exceptional and he is a very quick learner in the woods.  He is extremely fast on track, running with his head in the air.  He is all heart when it comes to hunting and we look for great things from this exceptional  male.  Sage is out of World Night Champion Handsome Hank, GRNITECH Houses's NightStalker, Cujo's heavy Finley River Lone Pine credentials can been seen on the At Stud page.   Impressive credentials for both dogs, but most importantly, it is showing up as early starting coon crazy pups with nice conformation.   This little guy is blowing the top out of the tree, nuts on a caged coon and going with the big dogs to the tree sometimes starting the track that the big dogs come to and follow.  What more can I say.  And I might ad that all of the pups from this cross were quick to learn, coon crazy and all appear to have become coon dogs in the best sense of the word..   One pup was reported to have started running and treeing its own coon after just 2 nights in the woods with an older dog.   Hercules participated in the 2011 World Championship Bench Show and the 2013 World Championship Bench Show.

 Recently Qualified for the 2014 & 2016 World Bench Show - STK's Lone Pine Finley River Odin!   Shown below with Lavena, Odin is a beautiful male out of GRCH Sharp Tooth Kennels Hercules x FCH WCH CH Sharp Tooth Kennels Judy.   This cross has proven quite successful in both the woods and on the bench.   Odin also won a AKC Major Event in Springfield Mass in July 2013.